Fishing For Beginners - Fly Fishing


What better way to get to grips with the basics of fly fishing and to broaden your approach, than to learn from a programme which features former England International team member, coach and manager Simon Gawesworth and the one time European Fly Fishing Champion Iain Barr. Let's start our programme by joining Simon at Blakewell Fisheries in Devon where he'll be showing us a variety of fly fishing equipment and how best to assemble it. Simon will then move on to expertly demonstrate presentation and how to catch rainbow trout on nymphs and ultimately the dry fly. There'll even be a fleeting glimpse of a nice brown trout which embarrassingly for Simon evades final capture! We'll then go to Lenches Lake in Evesham where the inimitable Iain Barr will show us the type of tactics that made him European Champion. Ian will be fishing with a team of three nymphs, all the time analysing for us his style of fishing, the methods he's using and the reasoning behind his actions. Compare the approach to the wonderful sport of fly fishing by two very different characters, both experts in the field but who utilise totally contrasting styles. Learn from their teaching and hopefully it will broaden your knowledge and improve your skills in the ever fascinating world of fly fishing.


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