Fishing with the Experts - FISHING For Trout


The art of fly fishing is one genre of angling that really can be considered an artform. When fly fishing we are attempting to fool one of nature's wilier fish... the trout... into believing that a presented imitation is a food source, familiar to them in their own environment. A fly is created to imitate natural insects or grubs using various materials; feather, fur, or similar and within its construction is concealed a hook. This tiny artificial is floated or sunk to a required depth and in the right hands becomes a lethal weapon in the pursuit of trout. The lure is another story; tied using the same method as an imitative pattern but incorporating bright flashy materials. Not generally produced to represent a food item, these are designed more to appeal to the aggressive side of the trout's nature. In this programme we'll see Simon using both methods but first we get stuck in at the deep end of fly fishing with the shallower, fast flowing water of the River Torridge in Devon. Here Simon wades in the pursuit of the natural brown trout and then in complete contrast we take to a boat on Chew Valley to show what is available in the greater depths of a reservoir or lake. Without doubt one of the UK's best fly fishing instructors; Simon Gawesworth has filled roles as both an England International and the team manager and coach. Here's an excellent opportunity to watch, listen and learn from a maestro doing his thing on both river and reservoir. Introduction by Liam Dale


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