Fishing with the Experts - FISHING For Pike


For many years, fishing for pike was considered only as a seasonal option. Not now! When carp and coarse fishermen are waiting anxiously for the arrival of spring, the intrepid angler in need of winter action has a serious predator to consider. In this programme we're going to join Mick Brown, considered one of the best pike anglers in the UK. Mick explains the tackle he'll be using and shows us some of his massive array of artificial lures. Firstly he'll demonstrate his skills in the comparative comfort of the early summer months, landing pike from a secluded estate lake. Deadbaits and exciting lure fishing are the order of the day. With the passing of the seasons, we join Mick on the snow covered banks of a gravel pit in the depths of East Anglia, where we learn the tactics needed to entice pike in pristine condition to take float fished or ledgered deadbaits. Then we'll move on to the river and during a blizzard...learn from Mick how to catch pike from an anchored boat using the livebait method. To finish off we briefly meet up with that other extraordinary species Des Taylor, as he successfully hunts for the elusive twenty pounder! Mick Brown and then Des Taylor in the same keep net? What a catch! Introduction by Liam Dale


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