Fishing with the Experts - FISHING For Carp


For many anglers the ultimate fish in British waters is the carp. In only twenty or so years we've seen this species capture the imagination of at least a million anglers and the carp have responded to a mass influx of food by just getting bigger and bigger. In 2001 the British Carp Record was over 59lbs... the same fish has been caught again recently and now weighs a staggering 61lbs. How long can this retain the British title? The goal of most fanatical carp anglers is the capture of a 30lbs specimen in British waters, in this programme we will see that other extraordinary species Des Taylor do just that... twice! Des is one of the most entertaining and informative presenters in today's angling world and certainly is one of the better journalists. He demonstrates excellently the beauty of simplicity... landing all his fish on the simplest of rigs. Des really knows his stuff and after watching him... hopefully you'll know his stuff too! In this DVD, Des imparts an abundance of essential information; which if put into practise on the right fishery, will definitely help you to achieve...or even exceed your angling goals. Whether you're an expert or a novice, there's something here for everyone. Firstly though, to whet your appetite; see the founding father of modern carping Kevin Maddocks in action at Ringstead Fisheries with a 46lbs fish and his good mate Rob Hales tackling one of over 30lbs. (Incidentally, keep your eyes peeled for a couple of cracking catfish, caught by fellow anglers during the same session). Enjoy the programme and tight lines! Introduction by Liam Dale


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