Conquest of Everest - Revisited 1953-2003


What drove the men who risked and lost their lives to conquer the world's highest mountain for Britain? Fifty years on, Penny Mallory, whose ancestor, George Leigh Mallory lost his life, tells the story of this extra-ordinary adventure, undertaken with primitive equipment in often terrifying weather conditions against an unstable, brooding and often lethal adversary - Mount Everest. Did Mallory in fact reach the summit 29 years before Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay? Mallory's frozen body was found in 1999. Using authentic footage of the ascent we revisit this unique adventure fifty years on, alongside the men who pitted their wits and lives for the privilege of being the first to say that they had stood on the roof of the world. Which of us could have climbed, persevered and ultimately stood beside them beneath the Union Jack on that glorious sun-drenched May morning in 1953? The DVD also features biographies of the expedition's members and a chronology of those other brave men and women who have lost their lives on subsequent dashes for the summit.


Barcode 5034504712276