Viking Wars - The Norse Terror


'The Danes had possession of the place of slaughter...and rode wherever they pleased' THE ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE. During the long years of the Dark Ages, the sight which signalled fear and terror for the inhabitants of coastal Britain was the first glimpse of an unfamiliar sail on the horizon. The sighting of the famous long ships heralded the arrival of Viking raiders; the harbingers of death and destruction. The wolves of Odin were about to be unleashed again. 'The Norse Raiders', provides a glimpse into the extraordinary world of a remarkable people. Featuring dramatised eye-witness accounts filmed on the holy island of Lindesfarne, the video and powerful reconstructions of Dark Age warfare. Combined with state-of-the-art computer graphics and surviving period imagery, 'The Norse Raiders' is a superb record of a savage period in British history. Narrated by Brian Blessed. Featuring expert comment and analysis by Dr David Chandler, the world's foremost military historian and former head of War Studies at Sandhurst. This programme was previously available as 'Viking Wars - The Norse Terror' in the 'Campaigns in History' series through WH Smith Ltd.


Barcode 5022802210543