DVD - Whilst the tumultuous years between 1939 - 1945 are better known as the Second World War, most of the catastrophic events which were perpetrated during this time came from the vile mind of Adolf Hitler, and so it is perhaps his name which has come to define this period. With the use of archive footage and rare colour film, this programme gives a plotted history of these bloody years and pays particular attention to Hitler's personal involvement and sinister agendas. It is a comprehensive account of the bloodiest conflict in human history and a reminder of how one man orchestrated the Second World War.

BOOK - His name and image are synonymous with tyranny, brutally and a chapter in human history which, though painful to remember, should never be forgotten. Hitler's War is the fully illustrated story of how an unremarkable boy from Austria rose to become the most powerful leader in the world, indelibly scaring the global landscape as he went. Examining Hitler's childhood, early military career and his rise and fall as Germany's Fuhrer, this book is a fascinating insight into the makings of a monster.


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