DVD - For more than twenty years the Harrier has been a unique weapon in the western armoury, the world's first vertical take-off and landing combat aircraft capable of operations from unprepared strips and small ships. Harrier tells the story of this revolutionary fighter from the experiments with the 'Flying Bedstead', Short SCI, and P.1127 Kestrel to today's worldwide deployment of GR.Mk3s with the RAF. Also featured are the FRS.1s with the Royal Navy and Indian Navy, AV-8Bs with the US Marine Corps, and AV-8A Matadors with the Spanish armed forces. In addition to film of the Harrier during its combat initiation in the Falklands Campaign, there are extraordinary scenes of weapon delivery. Harriers are also seen operating close to the front line in Central Europe and supporting amphibious landings during NATO exercises. The superb footage is accompanied by a detailed script by leading aviation authority Bill Gunston.

BOOK - The 'Jump jet' was the first vertical/short take-off and landing (VSTOL) operational jet aircraft developed using the revolutionary vectored thrust Pegasus engine. Following its development from the P.1127 first tethered 'hops', to the Sea Harrier and the powerful and potent GR9, The Harrier Story also includes a look at other air forces who operated the aircraft. This hardback illustrated book is full of fascinating 'Did You Know' facts completing the extraordinary story of the Harrier.


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