DVD - With the surrender of France on 22nd of June l940, Britain and her Commonwealth stood alone against the might of the German armed forces. In that dark summer of 1940, the threat of invasion hung heavily over Britain and children were once more evacuated to the countryside. The army was still recovering from its defeat in France and could offer no real defence against invasion. Britain had a strategy to meet the German threat, which was due to one man, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding. Against enormous internal pressure, Dowding had resisted committing the majority of his Spitfire and Hurricane squadrons to the battle on the Continent, knowing that the major battle was yet to come - the Battle for Britain itself. Having preserved his squadrons, Dowding could now concentrate on his four-point master plan of defence: a fighter strike force of Spitfires and Hurricanes, a superbly flexible radar fighter direction system, a defence shield of anti-aircraft cover and a brilliantly simple defence strategy, disrupting the bomber attacks before they could reach their targets, but ensuring enough air cover for the bases of the squadrons involved in the battle. This documentary, using newly discovered footage, gives full justice to the exceptional Commander, Hugh Dowding, to Keith Park, his second-in-command, and to all the men and women who, during that dark summer of l940 iInflicted the first defeat on German arms.

BOOK - Perhaps the most famous aerial conflict of all time, the Battle of Britain stands as testament to those who gave their lives in defending Britain and all that freedom stands for. To commemorate the 70th anniversary, complete with a full Roll of Honour of those pilots who fought in the battle, this fully illustrated hardback book includes a brief background to the events preceding the fight and a comprehensive account of the battle itself. It also includes detailed accounts of the aircraft involved and in-depth analysis of the battle plans which ultimately lead to Britain's 'finest hour'.


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