Animal Nation - Spinner Dolphins


Graceful and balletic, dolphins are ocean dancers - and Spinner Dolphins are the prima ballerinas. Enter the mysterious world of Spinner Dolphins to discover how and why they dive, leap, twist and turn to perform aerial feats unique to their kind. This is a quest to understand Spinner Dolphin culture and to determine how and why these intriguing creatures catapult themselves into elaborate displays of aerial acrobatics. Each morning up to 800 Spinners arrive in the Bay of Dolphins off the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha where they seek shelter until nightfall. It's here that Spinner Dolphin researchers dive beneath the calm waters to capture their behaviour firsthand and attempt to solve the mystery of why they perform their spectacular aerial stunts. Could it be a way of communicating to the rest of the pod or perhaps a method of concentrating the group when on the move? Perhaps the message is hidden in the splash? With the use of cutting-edge computer graphics, the anatomical make-up of the dolphin is deconstructed and the secrets of their amazing aquatic and aerial exploits are revealed for the first time ever.


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